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Legit work from home opportunities

As technology improves so does the way most people balance their work and private lives with a large number of employees hanging up their corporate attire and opting to work from home.  For those of us who have little or no qualifications and not an entrepreneurial bone in their body, legit work from home opportunities can be few and far between.

If you are anything like me you would have used an array of keywords to search for the perfect home based employment opportunity.  The searches certainly always resulted in hundreds of ads for quick-stick-make-a-million in-a-week kind of  schemes.  Trying to sift through the pyramid schemes to find something worth-while persuing can be a job in it’s own.

There are a number of be-your-own-boss programs that allow you to work your own hours and find your own customers.  However, most of those require some capital investment for purchasing stock and corporate stationary.  If this is your thing then you might want to sign-up with Avon, Bodyshop At Home, Kleeneze or Fakebake.

If not, then read on because the next two businesses I’m about to talk about are 100% legit, offer great perks and you won’t have to pay the company to start working with them.

1. Arise UK.  All you need is a computer, a phone and a broadband connection.  You’ll be outsourced to handle inbound customer care calls and log all details onto the relevant company’s on-line database.  Pay is somewhere between £6-£9 per hour.  There will be a couple of costs you’ll incur.  Your first cost will be to register a company as you won’t be working for Arise but rather for yourself.  It costs about £40 to register a limited company and can be done through Company House.  You also have the option of working for a company that’s already been registered to work for Arise and then you won’t have to register your own business.  Next, you’ll need to buy yourself a good phone that can be used with a headset.  Arise will not employ you without a certified background check, this will cost you a further £20.  And last, but definitely not least (in terms of cost) you’ll pay £50 for the initial training and a further £30-£100 if you would like to train to set-up your own Virtual Call Centre and employ others to work through your company.  Currently, Arise are looking to recruit 500 partners and are offering all the training free until the end of March.  So if this sounds good to you, get registered now and apply for your background check first thing as you can only start training once that has been finalised.

2. Teletech, my personal favourite.  There are absolutely no upfront costs and the company offers you the same benefits you would have if you were based in a corporate position, including paid training.  Once again, you’ll be handling inbound calls and all you need to get started is a computer, a land line and a broadband connection.  They supply you with headsets free of charge and the training is done live over the net.  There is room for growth within the company and you can work in either sales or customer services.  The applicant screening process is quite vigorous but it only serves to confirm you’ll be working with a sound enterprise.

So I hope my been-there-done-that information has helped you find the job you were really looking for!

Ta Ta For Now (TTFN)


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  Simi wrote @

Very helpful and informative! Thanks Lorynne :)!

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