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Isn’t it amazing?  Even when you have no money you’re required to pay money to tell everyone you don’t have money.  Here is an extract from, the UK’s public information website, about declaring yourself bankrupt:

‘When completed the form should be taken to the county court nearest to you that has bankruptcy jurisdiction. A fee of £150 is payable, although this can be waived if you meet specific criteria, when you file the petition.

A deposit of £345, for the Official Receiver’s work, is also payable at this time. This amount cannot be waived.’

Is it only me or has the World gone mad?? Aside from the above fees, don’t forget you’d probably still need to pay someone to present your case and handle your assets.




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  anamaybella wrote @

That’s just mad, I guess … I mean, you’re bankrupt and you need to pay a fee to declare that, hm? INSANE! Haha! We need to build more asylums, and pay for the room. Next thing we know, we’ll be paying Miley Cyrus’s private jet plane cost … This world is spinning out of control!

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